Santander (Cantabria), España

Proof of Concept 1: Clearance Inward

We are building the path to autonomous maritime navigation based on DLT technologies

Fractioning the whole problem

The First PoC is the result of several strategic consulting jobs in different enterprises related with maritime business, a deep study of DLT technologies and our huge experience in ports. We have detected the necessities of the port community and we strongly think that is the right moment to transform the way that the vessels comunicate and transmit the information about the berth confirmation to the diferent stakeholders involved in the ship’s clearance. Conceptual KLT is moving forward to build a secuential pilot splited in PoC slices, to unlock all the neccesary stages to solve the whole problem and securing every step. At first with the clearance inward, then the clearance outward and finally all together with the integration of basic services and its monetary transactions, all without human intervention and based on the mix of different technologies: ETL tools, Artificial Intelligence, DLT technologies and ioT devices.

Pilot Schedule

Traditionally the communication between all the people involved in the process is secuential and with obsolete technologies and with the intervention of human intermediaries that could introduce errors and inefficiencies into the system. Actually DUEport is the tool that the ship agents use to send the information to the diferent actors in the process (Port Authority, EMSA, Ship owner, etc) but nonetheless the process continues to be carried out in the traditional way.

Traditional communications scheme

Now with the intervention of different technologies and the use of DLT, we can solve the problem and do it in a more efficient way. The possiblity of trust because of the no intervention of a middle man, is the key for the construction of an environment to develop different actions that add value and new opportunities for the community. Also is possible to design a dock logic that tries to solve the problem without human intervention.

Distributed Ledger Technologies unlock the potential of a trust environment

Dock Logic

We are experimenting with different technologies to identify the relevant data sources to build the Dock Logic. The dock logic is the cumulus of algorithms and data sources that will give us the information to decide what is the moment to stamp the proof of truth that the vessel has when a berth confirmation is realized.

Interaction diagram with the port area

In the stage 1, we are doing tests aquiring different data, we have indentified the most useful data sources to collect the data that we need to manage to build the dock logic and also fulfill the digital information for the DUEport digital tool.

Intergation of different data sources and record it into the IOTA tangle

In the next days we will work with the results, here you can see some of them. Stay tuned we are moving forward! 🙂